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The Benefits of Scheduling Orders and how to manage this in the app
The Benefits of Scheduling Orders and how to manage this in the app
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What's a scheduling order?

This is an order that you can place with a future date that you'd like our Production Team to begin work.

What are the benefits of scheduling your orders?

  • Ability to assist with a natural link-building profile by allowing you to stagger the delivery of your placements.

  • Better budgeting, as you’re able to plan weeks or even months ahead!

  • It can save you time, as you’re able to place all future orders in one go.

  • The functionality is quick and easy to use.

How to place a scheduled order?

Once you've logged in, select the project you wish to place a scheduled order for:

Choosing your publisher

Once you've chosen the publisher that you'd like to place a scheduled order for, all you need to do now is select Add to cart:

Personalising your order

Once you've selected Add to cart, you'll then be taken to the personalisation page where you can provide information such as the type of placement e.g. contextual link, your Anchor Text, Target URL etc, with the option to schedule that order:

Scheduling your order

Here's where you're able to choose the date that you'd like our Production Team to start working on your order. The turnaround date is 28 days (often much sooner) from the date that you've chosen.

This date isn't the delivery date but the date our team would start working on your placement.

Once you've chosen your desired date, it's time to select ADD TO CART:

A screenshot of a payment overview

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Check out

Within your cart, you can now review your order with the option to edit if needed:

A screenshot of a shopping cart

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You can also review your scheduled date to ensure the information shown is correct. Once reviewed, it's time to Checkout!

Pay now

If you've got credit loaded to the app, you can proceed to pay now without having to enter your bank details.

However, if you don't have credit available, you choose one of our other payment methods e.g. credit card or bank transfer.

To find out more on how to add credit to the app, here's an article on how to buy credit 😊

Payment Confirmation

After you've selected pay now, you'll receive a transaction successful notification on the screen, thanking you for your purchase.

You would also receive an email notification confirming your order with the scheduled dates shown on your invoice.

Your order will now be sent to a holding area until the scheduled date.

Once that date is present, this order will be visible under your orders section of your project, with our Production Team also beginning work on that placement.

What's next?

Why not log in here and place your first scheduled order! 😉

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