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How does bulk ordering work?
How does bulk ordering work?

Placing a bulk order, step-by-step guide

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In this article, I'm going to take you through step-by-step in placing a bulk order. This would help to make this process a lot easier and quicker when managing various projects

Let's get started! 😊

Navigate to your dashboard

Once you've logged in, at the top navigation, you'll be able to select the Bulk Orders option:

Bulk orders page

Once selected, you will be taken through to the below screen. Here you're able to create a new bulk order.
Next, select Add Project:

Adding in the projects

Here you can select all of the projects you need to place an order for, making it easier for you to manage all ordering via this page.

You will have the option to choose multiple projects within the select project dropdown option. With regards to the number of placements, if you require a different quantity per project, this can be managed individually on the next screen.
Once this pop-up has been updated, you can select Add Project:

Choosing your publishers

Now you can start adding in the publishers you wish to work with across your different projects. You can either use the publishers saved under the My Publishers list (you can review this article here on how to use this option) or you can search our database, both by selecting Add Publisher:

Once you've chosen the publishers you wish to work with, you can then fill in the information such as the Anchor Text and Target URL:

Saving a draft order

After adding in all of the necessary information for each order, you can choose to either Buy Now or Save Draft:

Once saved, you can access all of your saved draft orders under the Draft Orders section. Here you can approve (if this option is turned on), edit or delete an order:

Updating a draft order

If you wish to update a draft order, once Edit has been selected, you will then be taken to the below screen giving you the opportunity to make changes to e.g. the publisher chosen, the Anchor Text etc.

Once completed, you can select Update Draft at this point and if you're also ready to checkout, you can select Buy Now:

Buy now

Now that you've selected Buy Now, you can proceed to check out with a notification occurring on the screen to confirm your placements have been added to the cart:

Shopping cart

Within the cart, you can review all of the placements added and when you're ready, select Checkout:


Once you've clicked on Checkout, you can then proceed to Pay Now in order to get those orders on the way!

If you've got credit loaded to the app, you can proceed to pay now without having to enter your bank details.

However, if you don't have credit available, you choose one of our other payment methods e.g. credit card or bank transfer.

To find out more on how to add credit to the app, here's an article on how to buy credit 😊

Payment Confirmation

After you've selected Pay Now, you'll receive a transaction successful notification on the screen, thanking you for your purchase.

You will also receive an email notification confirming your order and a copy of your invoice.

Tracking your orders

You can also track your orders by navigating to the In-Progress area of your dashboard. Here you can review those that you've just placed and any others that are currently being worked on πŸ‘

What's next?

Why not log in here and place your first bulk order! πŸ˜‰

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